mitekite app for iPhone and iPad

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Developer: NIFTY Corporation
Current version: 1.0.3, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 30 Jan 2012
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It is the iPhone application of "seeing just for a moment(ChottoMiteKite)" which is a popular corner of the daily portal Z.
the application for which "seeing just for a moment" exchanges recollections.

I will get those who live close to look at the place to worry.
And I will take the photograph of "the place I want someone to look at" near your house.
What has happened to the town in which it lived a long time ago now?
Is there any school still?
Is the bread often bought a long time ago sold also at now?
A rough flow
1. Contribute places I want you to see, such as a place of recollections (seeing contribution).
2. those who live near it by chance may be looking at this "seeing just for a moment."
On the contrary, the neighborhood of your house may be a place of someones recollections.
3. Wait for someone to see.
Please see, if the neighborhood of your house is contributed.
4. The situation will be contributed if it sees (seen contribution).
The person wanted to see is surely a pleasure.
5. It is the feeling which you who have seen may also stand to someones roles.